87. Case Study Interview: Help! I'm not Selling my Private Team Spaces!

In this episode, I do a problem-solving session with Anthony Vetesse of Synchronous Solutions Coworking in Detroit.

He reached out and asked for some help figuring out why he can sell his open space memberships all day long but struggles with his offices so I invited Anthony on to work through this in real-time and record it so we could share it with you.

We go through:

  • A review of the Detroit coworking market

  • Synchronous Solutions’ unique location and culture

  • The health of the Synchronous community,

  • The core member profile

  • Product mix

  • Pricing

  • Marketing tactics

  • Where we think his sales funnel could be improved to help solve the problem.


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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Anthony Vetesse on LinkedIn

Synchronous Solutions Coworking

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