88. Mindset Matters - An Interview with Leadership Coach Rita Hyland

I’m so excited to bring today’s guest on the show. She holds a really special place in my world. I was a recent guest on her podcast called “Playing Full Out.” I posted the link to it in my Everything Coworking Facebook Group and some of you commented on the post after listening to the episode that you were grateful that I was willing to share my story and even surprised that my own journey has not been all sunshine and rainbows. It certainly was not and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to know that you are not alone.

I’d love for you to listen to that episode - just search for the Playing Full Out show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast. I’m on episode  #10 but I listen to EVERY episode for my own ongoing mindset coaching so check the others out too.

Rita is a leadership coach. Her website describes Rita Hyland Coaching as the place where leaders come to reclaim their purpose, clarify their vision, and reconnect with their true voice.

She did exactly that for me. Not just once, but twice :-) The first time I worked with her was the process that birthed Enerspace, my own coworking space. It was a life-changing process that gave me the awareness and the tools to work through mindset issues as they come up. And as entrepreneurs, we are all managing mindset issues on a daily basis.

Rita is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, wife, and mother of three active children. And in this episode, she talks with us about how to recognize common mindset barriers that keep us from pursuing our best lives.

In this episode we dive into topics such as:


  • What are common challenges that keep entrepreneurs from taking the next step?

  • Let's talk about imposter syndrome - who has it, who doesn't?

  • Are other successful coworking space owners smarter than I am or more experienced? (feel the fear and do it anyway!)

  • What do people do if they have complete clarity that they are meant to start a coworking space but don't know how they'll raise the money, find the right space, etc? (don't worry about the "how." take small steps.)


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