65. How a Mountain Town Entrepreneur and Physicist Buys a Building and Starts a Successful Coworking Space

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I met Jamie Orr last April on a visit to take advantage of some fresh snow at Heavenly Mountain on the south side of Lake Tahoe. Dreaming of moving to the mountains and working out of a great coworking space, I had to take a tour. After hearing her story, I knew she had to be a guest on the podcast because her journey touched on many of the same questions that my audience is trying to understand.

  1. How do you test the demand for a market?

  2. How do you succeed in a smaller market of say, 20,000 people?

  3. What’s it like to buy a building and run a space in it?

Jamie shares many insights from her team’s experiences, including a pilot project ski-in-ski-out coworking space at Heavenly Mountain!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

  1. Tahoe Mountain Lab

  2. Jamie Orr on LinkedIn

  3. Powder Magazine’s write-up on the Heavenly coworking project

  4. Mountain Coworking Alliance

  5. Recycled Denim Batting


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