58. Ingraining the Coworking Mentality in your Real Estate Strategy - a Conversation with Peter Black

Today I talk with Peter Black, National Director of Workplace Strategy and Design for Colliers International. His focus over the past 5 years has been helping organizations develop strategies to transform workplaces to align with their business strategy and become a driver of change.

I came across Peter through a post on LinkedIn highlighting his recent 5-part series entitled: Global Workplace Trends: 5 Shifts Companies Must Make in the Next 5 Years. The series includes a piece on coworking called “Ingrain the Coworking Mentality in your Real Estate Strategy.” The piece focused on a topic that is top of mind for flexible office providers - how are corporations shaping their strategy to include flexibility?

Peter and I talk about a shift to corporate real estate managers having a strategy that includes both core space and flexible space, what that looks like today and in the future.

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Peter Black on LinkedIn

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