57. The digital mailbox revolution - why you don’t want to be left behind

In this episode, I talk with Matt Going, CEO, and co-founder of Anytime Mailbox. Matt started Anytime Mailbox with one clear vision - everyone should be able to view and manage their postal mail on their mobile phone. He lives in LA with his wife, two kids, dog and cat.

 Matt is a GWA member through Anytime Mailbox and he and his business partner will be exhibiting at the GWA Conference in September where you can meet them and learn more about their platform.

 In this episode, we chat about:

  1. The overall market for digital mailboxes and the major channel players

  2. Industry growth over the next five years and the drivers for the growth

  3. The difference between a “digital mailbox” and a “virtual mailbox”

  4. The opportunities for shared workspaces in terms of a digital mail revenue stream

  5. How to work with lead gen partners like Davinci and CloudVO and Anytime Mailbox

  6. What is the investment in staff time that this requires?

  7. Best practice tips for building your digital mailbox business

  8. An overview of how to register with the USPS to host mailboxes (spoiler alert - it’s not that hard!)

Learn more about Anytime Mailbox here.

Find Matt on LinkedIn.

If you have industry questions, email Matt at matt@anytimemailbox.com

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