51. Working with a Broker to find a location for your Coworking Space

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As my regular listeners may know, I’m the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association and registration is now open for our annual conference at conference.globalworkspace.org. We’ll include the link in the show notes. If you run a shared workspace or are thinking about starting one, you are an investor, a corporate user of shared workspace, a commercial real estate professional or a service provider in the industry, you should not miss the Global Workspace Association’s annual conference. It is the place to be to be a part of the conversation around the future of Flexible Office. This year the content themes are focused around “meet the money,” “meet the corporate user” and “The future of Flexible Office” Register today at conference.globalworkspace.org.

In Episode #51, I talk about the importance of working with a good broker to find a location for your coworking space and walk you through how to identify a good broker. The full blog post with all the details is here.

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Tom L. Sutherland       

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