50. Successful Suburban Coworking

Mara Hauser is the Founder and CEO of 25N Coworking with locations in Geneva and Arlington Heights, IL. Mara is also on the board of the Global Workspace Association.

 In addition to starting 25 North, Mara is President of Workplace Studio and has over 25 years of experience in designing and optimizing workspaces. Mara has overseen the creation of spaces ranging from corporate headquarters to banks to large offices and institutional facilities. Through her extensive list of projects, she's seen first hand the positive impact a well-planned space can have on culture, innovation, efficiency and productivity, as well as the bottom line benefits it can bring to an organization.

Through this lens, she creates vibrant shared workspaces in suburban downtowns. We’re going to talk about her experience in developing and growing suburban coworking spaces and her perspective on the future of suburban coworking.

Today, Mara and I talk about Suburban Coworking including:

  • Her background and how she got into coworking

  • How she decided to focus on corporate coworking

  • An overview of her locations in Geneva, IL and Arlington Heights

  • The area surrounding her coworking spaces

  • How 25N markets the spaces and engages with the local community

  • Her outlook on suburban coworking

  • Her advice for someone starting a suburban coworking space

 Resources mentioned in this episode:

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