121. Alex Hughes, Co-founder of CENTRL Office on National Expansion

Welcome to the Everything Coworking Podcast episode number 121!

Community Manager University:

I am about to launch Community Manager University which is a training and development platform to support Community Managers from Day 1 through becoming a Regional Manager. 

The platform includes mini courses that cover the major buckets of the CM role including:

  • Community management

  • Operations

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Leadership

 The content is laid out in a graduated learning path so that the Community Manager can identify what content is relevant to them given their experience. They will also get resources, templates, Q&A calls each month and a Slack Group for peer networking. 

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Today’s guest is Alex Hughes, Co-founder of CNTRL Office


We talk about: 

  1. Alex’s background and Coworking story

  2. Their expansion from Portland into LA, Dallas and Sacramento

  3. Their ideal customer/who they serve

  4. How their locations are staffed and what functions are centralized

  5. Their real estate model 

  6. Lessons learned and what they’re most proud of


Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Alex Hughes on Linkedin

Jeff Arthur on LinkedIn


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Jamie Russo