120: Potential Operator Blind Spots and Setting up to Scale

Community Manager University:

I am about to launch Community Manager University which is a training and development platform for Community Managers from Day 1 to Regional Manager. 

The platform includes mini courses that cover the major buckets of the CM role including:

  • Community management

  • Operations

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Leadership

 The content is laid out in a graduated learning path so that the Community Manager can identify what content is relevant to them given their experience. They will also get resources, templates, Q&A calls each month and a Slack Group for peer networking. 

Click here to be notified when the program is available!

Today’s guest is Angie O’Grady, Partner & COO @ StellaPop I Management Consulting I Workplace Services.



We talk about:

  1. The areas in which operators tend to have the biggest gaps and need support to be successful.

  2. The attributes that tend to correlate with operators setting themselves up to successfully scale.

  3. Opportunities for boutique brands and independent operators to win in an increasingly competitive market

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Angie O’Grady on LinkedIn

Mike O’Grady on LinkedIn

Stella Pop website

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Jamie Russo