Seeking Kick-A$$ Marketing Associate

 I am building the leading educational platform to support owners and community managers of coworking spaces. I have in market a digital course and coaching groups that support the owners and am in the process of launching the membership site for community managers.

I anticipate needing about 30 hours/month.

Here's what I would like help with:
- Publishing weekly email newsletter: Help me get template updated and make sure I publish weekly content pulled from Podcast
- Post weekly podcast and related promotions on social media. Basic Canva skills preferred as well as someone that can put together some promotional copy based on my episode notes. I have a designer that can be leveraged for heavier design work.
- Help me prep for my next launch of my course - help me work with FB ads expert to deploy ads, help me develop slides for the webinar (this may be mostly project management and helping to keep me on track), help set up webinar sessions, automation sequences, etc.
- I am currently in MailChimp, would really love to move to Active Campaign if I have someone willing to support that move ;-)
- Social media content development and posting (designer can help with templates - I NEVER post and need help)
- Proofreading course/membership site materials and helping with basic Canva layouts of course materials

Location - Prefer U.S.-based or at least an overlapping time zone so that we can have 1x-2x weekly Zoom meetings to review projects.
Prefer Slack for daily communication.
I use Asana for project management.

I look forward to hearing from you!