81. Pre-selling your Coworking Space: Mindset and Marketing

I generally see two types of mindset out there on opening a coworking space. There are the folks that will start selling the story to anyone who will listen before they’ve even signed a lease. Then there are the folks that want to get the space built, furnished and wrapped up on a bow before they start touring potential members. There are shades of these types but for today, we’ll focus on these two ends of the spectrum.

The “Story Seller” as we’ll call her, is campaigning on behalf of this space on day one both through word of mouth and through social media and a strong online presence. She is both strategic and scrappy.

The “Bow Boy,” as we’ll call him, believes that people won’t buy what they can’t clearly see, touch and feel. They wait until they have a shiny new space with an “open” sign on the door to start attracting members.

The Story Seller will have a faster return on her investment.

Learn more about these two characters in this episode.