70. Hiring a Community Manager and Avoiding Payroll Disasters

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Click here to download the sample Community Manager job descriptions.

Here are some notes from this episode:

Job Description

  • Be clear

  • Sell, but don’t over-sell

  • Include pay (why waste everyone’s time?)

  • The full GWA survey has salary benchmarking. If you’re a GWA member and don’t have your copy, email answers@globalworkspace.org

  • Download - sample job description PDF

  • Test different titles depending on your market - is “Community Manager” a term that people search for? Go to Indeed.com with the mindset of a job searcher. Search for community manager and marketing jobs in your area. Assess the pay range, job descriptions, experience requirements, etc. and get a sense for where you sit vs. others offering similar positions.

Where to Post

  • Ask your members! 

  • Social Media - Facebook ads (include screenshot of ours)

  • Indeed.com

  • Craigs List

  • Local FB networking groups

Be patient but consistent with posting and outreach

Screening Process

  • Resume

    • Open-mind. Screen anyone that follows directions

    • Put a specific call to action at the end of your job description to test the applicants

    • Don’t rule out unusual candidates, i.e., PHD and law school candidates.

  • Phone Screen

    • Have a process - a list of quesitons

      • Book - (example, but the point is to have a plan - don’t just bull$hit for 30 minutes)

        • What are you best at

        • What are you not best at?

        • How would your last 5 managers rate you on a scale from 1-10

    • Be candid about the role - expectations, career path, next steps, average tenure

    • Hire for attitude. You can train almost any part of this job

    • Looking for authentic interest and a “why” that aligns with the role - the experience, the network, the hours, something that gives me an indication of tenure.

  • In-Person


  • Have a legally-reviewed offer letter

  • Include salary, vacation time, hour expectations


  • 1099 vs. W2

  • Avoid lawsuits - classify conservatively


  • Use a company. Avoid confusing state/federal issues (Reference FB post of me with piles of paper on a desk, head in hands)

  • ADP

  • Benefits, Payroll, 401k  - Trinet


  • Have videos of all processes - use Loom, it’s a free Google Chrome extension - super simple to use

  • Have all operating standards as files in Dropbox

  • Use Lastpass to easily transfer passwords

Relationship with Manager

  • Be open with your manager so that they'll be open with you. Periodically check in on their future plans so that you stay in the loop.

Resources for this episode:

Episode - Interview with Tiffany Knight, (Former) Community Manager at WorkBar

The hiring framework I like to use (with tweaks)

Click here to download the sample Community Manager job descriptions.

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