46. Cat Johnson on Helping coworking spaces and collaborative organizations to tell their stories

In this episode, I talk with Cat Johnson, a writer living in Santa Cruz, California, working out of NextSpace coworking.

 Cat is the lead content creator at Shareable, and she helped position the publication as the #4 nonprofit blog in the world, with over 100,000 monthly unique visitors.

 She also helps coworking spaces and collaborative organizations tell their stories and grow their communities with content.

 Her focus is on creating lean, effective content strategies that engage a target audience, whether existing members, potential members, local entrepreneurs, or the extended collaborative space community.

 Her content clients include coworking spaces, collaborative organizations, local business development agencies, nonprofits and regional collaborative alliances.

 She recently published an e-book entitled Coworking Out Loud, How to Grow your Collaborative Community and Strengthen your Brand online.

 Cat also publishes a blog with weekly content marketing tips focused on helping coworking space owners succeed with content marketing.

 Today Cat and I talked about the following topics related to content marketing.

  1. Her background and how she found coworking

  2. Why content marketing so critical for coworking space operators

  3. The audience for a typical coworking space

  4. The importance of creating a content strategy

  5. How an operator can approach content development (frequency, who writes, etc.)

  6. The importance of email list-building in addition to social media


Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Cat’s blog

Cat’s ebook

Cat on Twitter

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