43. Rebecca Brian Pan on Managing a Hybrid Coworking Space

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COVO is a new-generation hybrid coworking space blending a retail-level, public cafe with hourly coworking, a wine/beer bar, event space, meeting space as well as private offices and dedicated desks.

Walk into COVO off of the street and you can grab a latte and a croissant and pay by the hour to get productive in a workspace that is a beautiful blend of West Elm’s workplace line and custom, local pieces. By the hour, you have access to lounge areas, desks, standing-height seating, phone rooms and rest rooms. As a member, you have access to free coffee, dedicated seating or a private office on the more quiet lower level.

 Rebecca was COO of Nextspace, one of the early coworking spaces to scale (currently at 9 locations). Inspired to make coworking more accessible and to diversify the revenue, she conceived of COVO and recruited her husband and brother to the founding team.

 In this episode she shares:

  • Her biggest surprises in managing a space with food and beverage

  • Their experience with hourly coworking

  • COVO’s next location


Resources from this episode:


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Rebecca Brian Pan on LinkedIn

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