36. Rick Mulready on Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing

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Guest: Rick Mulready, host of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast and creator of the FB Advantage Local course

Rick Covers:

  • How shared workspaces (local business) can leverage Facebook Ads to grow their business

  • Two case studies of local businesses that have rocked it with Facebook ads - a Sip & Splatter (wine and painting with friends) business and a roofing company!

  • The thing you SHOULD be paranoid about which is not what you think

  • The importance of knowing your target

  • An overview of a potential shared workspace sales funnel

  • What to consider when outsourcing facebook ad management

  • Resources for getting started with local FB ads

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Rick Mulready’s Podcast, The Art of Paid Traffic

Rick’s blog post on how to grow a local business with Facebook ads

The podcast episode on the roofing company rocking it on Facebook

The podcast episode on how Sips and Splatters is leveraging Facebook for business growth


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