107. Maximiliano Trujillo on Niche Coworking

Maximilliano and his childhood friend, stumbled upon a unique need in the coworking market. They had a logistics operation involving inland transportation in the US, and they realized that many of their customers were operating some aspects of their business from Coworking Spaces.

These customers had their office at a different place than their actual logistic operation; this didn't make any sense to Max and Guillermo. Thier customers would have to commute from their Coworking Space to a Warehouse, losing valuable time commuting. Max and Guillermo saw an opportunity to put both under one roof - they created Palletized - a Coworking space focused on logistic distribution and ECommerce.

Now their members had access to work space and their warehousing and logistics needs...and they had a community of business owners with similar needs all under one roof.