104. Jacob Bates, CEO of CommonGrounds Workspace: From CRE at Nike to Raising $100M as a WaaS provider

Currently in Carlsbad, Long Beach, San Jose and Denver, CommonGrounds Workspace is on an aggressive growth plan to add 2 million square feet across 50 locations in the next two years. All of this is made possible by a $100M capital raise.

Jacob's perspective has been shaped by his previous life in corporate real estate - his resume includes Director of Global Real Estate and Workplace for Nike, Director of Global Real Estate for Cigna and Director of Global Workplace Solutions for CBRE.

Jacob shares his unique perspective on the needs of the corporate occupier of Workspace as a Service, the gaps in the marketplace today, how these offerings are evolving and where the CommonGrounds brand fits into the rapid growth of the industry.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Common Grounds Workspace

Jacob Bates

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