61. How Verizon’s Corporate Real Estate Team is Leading the Charge on Coworking and Innovation

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 This week I talk with Nick Livigne, Manager of Workplace Transformation for Verizon and head of Verizon’s Coworking group about his team’s innovative projects.

 Verizon is transforming underutilized real estate assets (both owned and leased), into collaborative workspaces focused on localized tech innovation.

 Not only does this project bring Verizon authentic access to innovative teams, but the “Powered by Verizon” brand is a for-profit marketing tool and the spaces are designed for a positive ROI.

 Nick shares their objectives, some of their learnings over the last two years, how they localize the spaces and what they look for in a local partner.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The culture of Verizon’s real estate team

  • The driver for Verizon getting into the coworking business

  • How their approach to coworking has changed since they first launched in Manhattan (they are now also in Boston, DC, and London)

  • What value Verizon is getting out of creating coworking spaces

  • What qualities Verizon looks for in a local partner

  • Where mobile Verizon employees work

  • Verizon’s 5-year plan for their coworking business


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