39. Unsettled Designs Live/Work Experiences for the location unconstrained

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In this episode, I talk with Michael Youngblood, cofounder of Unsettled which runs coworking retreats to highly desirable live/work destinations

As is so common in entrepreneurship, Michael stumbled upon his business while solving a problem for  himself. One day it dawned on him that he didn’t have to spend his winters in the Northeastern US so he asked a few friends to spend a month with him in Bali. A simple desire to avoid freezing temperatures has evolved into a highly-designed experience that many participants describe as life-changing.

Michael and his team design experiences for people that can work from anywhere for thirty days. A majority of his adventurers are self-employed and actively working but want to leverage their location-independence, while some are looking for a unique way to begin a new life chapter. The experiences are designed to be culturally immersive. Unsettled partners with local coworking spaces to ensure that his participants have a reliable place to work, but even more importantly, have a unique connection to the local community.



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