38. Leveraging the Collective Buying Power of Coworking Members

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Today I interview Hector Kolonas, founder of Included.co. Hector is growing a platform that he developed to help members of shared workspaces leverage collective buying power for discounts on commonly used products and services. In turn, this platform shares part of the savings with the shared space owner, providing a diversified revenue source for space. If you are a service provider to coworking spaces or coworking space members or you're a coworking space owner, check out included.co

Announcement: The Global Workspace Association is kicking off a series of Flight Groups through 2017. If you want to get first dibs on participating, text the word FLIGHT to 4222 and then enter your email address when prompted. The first Flight Groups are for operators looking for step by step guidance from lease negotiation through their first year of business. Each month we’ll tackle a number of topics to help you successfully launch your space. Space will be limited so if you’re interested, text FLIGHT to 4222 and you’ll be the first to get an email with all of the details.

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